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daddy in alabama


what sustenance found body
was there food from home spiced
heavy to make man remember brown faces

surely there is a safer way
to pay bills that excludes seeing
death each day on the shoulder
so many lanes of strangers
who do not know the giant squid
of their sea holds half of me
holds someone who curses
when they dart into his path
just feet away his feet

do they hurt
is the neuropathy taking over
did he take his meds does he have
his meds

does he doze as wheels move
tonight how many hours will he sleep
how much time on the wifi card
will he use before closing curtains
of trailer and stretching out in tiny bed
how long have eyes remained open
in log of stops and rest
what is true and false

what truths does he find
on the road alone with thoughts
postcards of mountains and fields and
snow blurring past casinos
and strip clubs and churches
all begging to save soul
all rejected for patches of grass
with dirty bathrooms and
gas stations that give showers
and sugar and grease

does he know i think of him
each night before dreams find me
i pray i say dear god and goddess
lord and lady faeries guides guardians
ancestors all beings of light who walk
beside me

please keep my father safe.
please let his health be well
and his truck be kind and
the highway not steal him
from hugging me again.
whisper my name in his ear
that he may hear this prayer
and know he is never forgotten.
please keep my father safe
and let him know i love him.

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