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this i believe

in a biological anthropology class today,
a student prefaces his answer to the professor’s question:
“well, if you believe in evolution and that kind of thing…”


the universe is infinite.
life lives on moons and bathes in starlight
the way we bask in warm heat of poison
water on earth.

god is in the dirt.
in the stones. in palmetto
crawls through window
crack to avoid cold, asks
to be spared from death outside.

sunshine kills
germs — hang clothes on line
between trees. old light purifies
in different ways than powder soap.

everyone knows their own truth.
jesus was a man with siddhartha
and mohammad. wise men
of the past would laugh at us

now. belief in change

in a population over time
does not conflict with dreams coming true
next day or color flushing
whole room or way unseen ones respond
to minutes still and quiet.

science and god are both beautiful.

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