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my uncle calls me each day.
i push five to hear his voice.
i come home to letters written
in blue ink that tell me
/know that you are a strong woman
and the first teacher of civilizations–
know that we have not had a bad day
if we wake up in the mornings/
i want to live in a world
where my uncle wakes up
in the mornings and eats
a breakfast of his choice–
a world where men who kill teenagers
for looking suspicious carrying
skittles and ice tea aren’t released
and then pulled over for speeding–
a world where a man who says
is not murdered by police
in a chokehold–a world
where kids aren’t killed
by hunters with guns
poaching in streets
shooting animals without defense
of teeth or claw, but with largelarge
body–the thrill of the conquer–
darkdark coat–how fine
it will look on their wall.

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