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Cancel the Apocalypse

1. Last person I made a promise to: Nick
2. Someone who lied to me: Greg
3. The place I feel at peace: Nick
4. Two things in my pocket right now: nothing
5. The last song or artist you heard: Saul Williams

The prompt: Incorporate all of the above into the last seven minutes before you, #1, and #2 change into zombies.

28 days

On the news it happens so fast,
The change, the way our souls vacate
Our eyes and fly away to somewhere safe
Where monsters do not exist.

We have under ten minutes, it feels
Closer to seven. I wonder if I kiss you
Will heaven find us sooner? I promised
I would love you forever. Til Death

Do us part—but He will not get the chance.
Instead He will take the man who lied.
He will still be alive after we have changed
And I will eat his heart like he ate mine—

Slowly. Violently. There will be tears
Before the red floods his vision. I will
Give you his brain. You will taste his hate and
See why you are nothing like my past—

You are not him or the disasters who came after
He did his damage. You are my future. You
Are my Saturn and I am Saul Williams and
I have to be done with the shit

In time to find you in the universe.
And now we are together. And I still promise
I will love you forever even after death.
Even after our drums inside cease their beat
We will love viciously in the face of God.

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