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simple requests


bury me where there are no roads
or phone lines. find a banyan tree
safe from the anxious ax
of man. let its roots go through
where my heart once was.
let me become one with the one
who holds me.

whisper the space
sacred so the rocks and weeds
hear and know to shoo away
wandering footsteps.
do not forget how i hate clothes.
forgo the wooden box.
do not block the way for earth
to eat me or make it harder
for worms to slide across
my breasts. let me be theirs.

weave flowers into my hair
before i go down so that
when i am found
my coyote knows
who i am. do not cry
when we cross and
you feel me leave.
do not grieve as though
i am gone forever because
i promise to find you again.

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