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Away From Walter White


We were watching Breaking Bad
Hand-in-hand in our two chairs–
We are minimalists so we never felt
The need to pay for a couch. Instead
We took hand-me-downs from his mom or
His life before me. I contributed a bookcase and
A bed that goes unused, collecting dust
In the spare room, pots and pans and
Sweat pants from coworkers who tell me to
Choose to see the light instead of the dark.
Did you know happiness is a choice?
Did you know you can sit down and
Decide to write about rainbows and sunshine
And flowers? I didn’t. I don’t. I tried
To be that smiling face so many people know
But then I am watching Breaking Bad and
I’ve had too much whiskey and my man’s hands
Are too large in mine. They don’t hold on
For dear life because they are so big
My vocabulary is too small to describe
How tiny I need them to be to find my happy.

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  1. I love this. The beginning reminds me of Jesse and Jane watching TV (or trying to, at least) in Jesse’s apartment. Was that intentional?

    Anyway, great piece.

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