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Silly Poem #1: I am Reggie Watts’ Hair (in the style of Flight of the Conchords)


I am big. I am so big.
Dick wishes he was as big as me and
when ladies moan naked underneath
from the pleasure it is I, not he,
who is responsible for a job well done.
They say sex is ninety percent psychology and

that’s why when Brain inside Head
upon which I live decided to perform
Social Music Experiment #1 intended
to determine if music can get one laid–
Brain and his comrade found the answer
Was yesss–that’s why I am a psychological AFROdisiac.

See, I shower with honeys because Hands wash me
with honey extract oils and concoctions and
shampoos from the health food store where
all the cool foxes know Body is the voice
of spaceships and video game sounds and
gitcheeumoom(Oooommm) all from Mouth

who is almost as fly as I am. Almost.

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