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lunch time talk


completely selfish and trivial things
i want rightnowthisinstant:
-two veggie tacos from fuzzy’s
-caramel ice-cream
-st. pete beach
-a snow week from work
-to be 35
-a long, white dress
-a ride in a hot-air balloon
-to sit outside without hearing cars or planes
-a giant dog
-my nana

sometimes i wish i were a man just so i could go camping alone
without fearing other two-legged animals.
coyotes and bears don’ scare me because
they at least won’t play with their food.

last night there were these two girls
talking about other women’s feet,
about how they needed pedicures and
omg did you see her calluses?
they obviously hadn’t noticed me in my flip-flops.
i refuse to spend money to have a stranger
touch my toes. i think nail polish is gross.
i don’t care that my heels are hard.

one thing i have no patience for at all
are meth-heads
who bring me their dumpster-dives at work and
want to cry and whine and throw fits
when i offer them 25 cents for their trash.
no, i will not be nicer. no, i will not soften the blow.
leave and don’t come back.
go get some help.

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