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girl talk and barking


my house so quiet
every sound loud
make me wish chatrooms around
would log in on my phone
find one called just for girls
girlfriends with trouble sleeping alone
and it would be just to keep us distracted
from the fact no one else was home
and we’d talk about xena and sailor moon and
how sailor mars is the best and i’d brag
tell them my mama buy me a life-size kitchen
tool shed when i was five and
years eleven-fourteen i am obsessed
with dying and oh you have an evil stepdad too
does yours search your room
steal the thing you love most
dog you have since you were four
but twelve too old
get home after school
to see head sticking out trash can
trash man just a few houses down
if you had stopped to pet a stray
if you had stayed two minutes later
to talk to simone and postpone his face
you’d be alone with two cats
and puppup would be gone
and no one would be there now
to scare away the robbers.

and that was when raymond was nice.

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