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outside over there


last night i dreamed about snakes.
there were seven in the front yard
of a house where i do not live.
i was trying to get close
to take their pictures on my phone but
my little brother thought leaving me alone
was the least amount of fun in the world.
he was all smiles– the cutest thing
you’ve ever seen missing two front teeth. me
the opposite. me monster all yelling
so mean go inside close that door and
don’t come back!
he came back twice.
in all my studies
i’ve never cared for numerology
so i don’t know how to interpret seven and
three. i do know that snakes are no good
even asleep even curled into perfect balls
like pieces of art pretty on a thrift store shelf
of yellow grass all dead beneath feet and
beating heart scared of poison–
that one there is a copperhead.

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