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You’ve Heard The Saying It Was Black Friday But Monday’s Coming?


Well, let me tell you something my friends,
It was Black Tuesday but Monday’s coming!
Monday’s coming
Mr. Zedler said–

Bowed heads opened with a prayer
Opened with a prayer opened with a prayer
With eyes open instead of silence I should have said
All praise be to Allah the most merciful so they could hear–

Instill them with fear where I sat otherwise quiet. Then
They’d have another bad reason to use a certain word.

Where the spirit of the lord is
There is liberty they said Amen
They said in the name of Christ–
Then bent heads went up bent legs
Went up so everyone could stand and pledge

Allegiance to two flags– same colors
Both with stars neither making my hand
Find heart in chest neither inspiring me to join
The rest as a patriot of freedom and conservative

Values: the golf team needs more members,
They need money for ads– the more the better
So they can buy full pages fill them
With rage convince would-be moms and dads

Not to kill their babies, oh– and we must
Send those immigrants away They
Come to America! to take all the jobs
You’d never do. We wouldn’t you
To dirty your suit or to break a sweat

In the heat– the moment I most wanted to speak:
You may not believe in the death penalty but
It is the law of the land and it is my job

Proud lady worked on 14 death penalty cases and
Successfully erased eight lives.

In Texas we value all life so long as
The life in question is under eighteen with
No criminal record. ‘Part from that
We gotta teach those sinners a lesson
You don’t mess with Texas and not pay…

And then there was the talk about Wendy Davis–
Enemy of the state: I’ve heard so much
Pro-Wendy Davis crap I can’t take it!
Joe Hill.
I’m bound and determined to defeat Wendy Davis some
Nameless woman before Mark Skinner cowered in fear–
Hear this, Wendy Davis is a formidable opponent.

Wendy Davis is a formidable opponent because
She didn’t need to eat or drink or pee because
She believed/different meaning from what Senator Hancock said
We should do what’s right for women–

Jennifer Hall
Sue Walker/Justice on the Second Court
Of Appeals Matt Hayes/ Justice of the Peace
Elizabeth Beach and all you blurry, smiling faces

Pleaseplease do what’s right for women–
Don’t make children live in broken homes
That go beyond the absence of a parent or
A leak in the ceiling to those things not polite
To speak of that do happen.

You Don’t Know Me–
Don’t presume to think I don’t love God because
I demand dominion over my own flesh and bones. And
Mr. David Lambertsen/District Chair Precinct
1437 just because We’re old, we see things

A little bit differently doesn’t mean
Creased skin and silver hair is right. You’re old,
So you wanna fuck up my life before you go and
It’s alright to use bad grammar say terrorist
As synonym for dissent? Innocent me and her and
She and the hims who believe we should be left alone
By your faith we may not share?

Are you not the very word you use so freely?

–Fatima Hirsi


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