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Park Thoughts


What if fireflies are aliens
from another planet sent
to observe us when we least
suspect we’re being watched?

Like that time in eleventh grade
you accidentally saw the sunset with a guy
who you didn’t wake up intending to spend
the whole day with or kiss goodnight

Barefoot on the porch soon to be
July wooden boards cool glass
of lemonade as you smile
while kids play in almost-dark

A girl sobbing over the body
of her brother in the street taken
away because he rounded a corner
wearing the wrong color

Through an open window mother
reads to child one last time
before saying goodbye going
off die across the sea

A woman sips tea in cardboard cup she chose
to call in public place to stay composed
pulls out her phone wipes her nose dials
the number of her husband’s mistress

A fist into a face and then a stomach
a little girl is raped a child’s legs
are shredded by hidden mine and a
man lays his father to rest on a Monday.

What if fireflies are aliens disguised
in costume pleasing to the eyes
sent to collect data in a form
no human would suspect except for me?


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