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The Gospel According to Matthew


My neighbor says global warming was made up
By liberal politicians who invest in solar panels and
Have stock in energy-efficient cars.
Each time I get home I make haste
From van almost through yard but
He’s usually outside and calls me over. Today
I learned humans are no older than
A few thousand years right before he asked
If I believe in Adam and Eve. I said sure
Just because I wanted my front door
As soon as possible without explaining
My whole view of the world. I could see him
Hoping for resistance bursting out of his pants
At the chance to tell me everything
He knew to be true. And at the end
Of the lesson he asked me a question
For which I had no answer: where
Did all the women come from from?
If God made Adam and then Eve came from his rib
And together they had Cain and Abel…
How did we come to live and be fruitful and
Multiply? Genesis is vague! A chuckle and
A smile– satisfied that student had something
To ponder the tired teacher yawned and
Class was dismissed. I went in to eat the shrimp
That evolved to taste perfect with
Lemon juice and garlic and kale.

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