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Rainbow and Sunshine


One morning
After a long night
Full of travelling storms,
Rainbow rested in a forest not far away.

When Sunshine woke up and
Opened his eyes as wide as they would go,
He saw Rainbow in all her beauty and
Fell in love right then and there.

And she fell in love with him.

The only problem was that Rainbow
Liked to move around and see all there was
To see. And Sunshine liked to stay put–
He could see every leaf of every tree
Just fine from where he lived–

So they had to say goodbye…

But not before Rainbow gave Sunshine
One hundred little gifts
Of happy children.

Happy children are magical because
The happy dances off their skin and
Into the hearts of whoever is around.

These are the children whose minds
Are playing while their bodies are still, and then
When they can’t take the quiet anymore
Their laughter spills into the ears of everyone near.

They take the years off grandmothers and
Grandfathers until the only wrinkles left
Are the ones made from smiling.

When they fall down they giggle
After dusting off knees and
They watch the bees dance
Instead of being scared of getting stung.

These are the children
Who share their sandwiches with others
Who are on the field trip without lunch.

They never bite or kick or punch–
When they’re upset
They just let sunshine into their hearts and
Then they’re happy again.

The children who live
Under Rainbow and Sunshine
Turn into happy grow-ups who see time
As a measurement of hugs instead of hours.

They grow gardens in the spring
Full of veggies and flowers and
They fly kites in the fall
With the wildwild Wind.

They take their dogs to the park to sing to the stars and
When their cars get sick instead of being sad
They just give some love to their bikes.

These are the people who make children happy.

If you’re lucky you’ll have one to give you
Bedtime stories and lullabies and
Giantgiant kisses before school.
And they’ll tell you that

You are the rainbow in their sky and
The sunshine in their life
After longlong nights
Full of travelling storms.

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