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honoring strangers


if you leave your loved ones in a book and
if it finds my hands
i will take them home and
put them on my wall.
i will treasure your sonograms
as though they were my own and
the bookmarks you make of old notes
from old lovers will get the appropriate fortune–
and all for love, and nothing for reward.
the image of your lord
someone’s son who rose again tomorrow
is hiding in pages i haven’t yet found.
i don’t have his face anywhere in the house but
i do keep a cross above the door.
it faces all the faces of the people i don’t know–
the soldier from before us alive were born,
the couple from world war II,
the woman who smiles so big with her horse and
the little girl dancing with the wind.
may all of them be happy and
may each of them be blessed.
may the dead rest in peace
and the living live well.



  1. that is impressive. you could be in the guiness book of world recorded one day. biggest collection of found pictures of strangers.

    • Haha, iffffff only! There are people who have worked there millions of years longer than me, and I’m sure I’m not the only collector of lost things 🙂 I’ve even seen a book Post Secret style of stuff found by some book worker at another company, and I know someone at another store keeps a scrapbook…

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