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juvenile crimes of adults in their right minds who deserve to be hated and immortalized forever as the vile things they were


online. their plans for her come back
to bite them in the ass invoke the wrath
of the world outside their tiny town.

i just watched the steubenville video
of monsters laughing passing around jokes
documenting crimes proud to be so evil.

they’re very young to be what they are.
usually hate is taught you hate the nigger
who’s stupid the chink who’s too smart those wetbacks

who come to steal all the jobs
you don’t want. but who teaches rape
here in this day in this place

that’s supposed to be so great?
was it their mothers? and what did their sisters say?
did they have trouble looking their fathers in the eye

for failing to be men?
are their families not ashamed
of the beasts who live upstairs

and wear jerseys
that make them think themselves gods? those boys–
they must know they have purchased

life sentences of being loathed
by many. their voices faces smiles
will never be remembered for winning the game–

even those adults who protect and
say to delete the evidence say
she’s making it up, even they know

the truth. even they are disgusted
because now they’re tainted, too
for choosing the wrong side

and cheering the wrong team.


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  1. I read about this the other week and I cried. Ultraviolet prepared a petition to urge the Stuebenville county sherriff to take over the case from the city and charge the dozens of people that helped cover up the crime and even more that stood by watched and posted videos and pics of a crime and not one of them having the human decency to call the police. I signed the petition. I think they collected like 50,000 signatures but the sherriff announced no one else will be charged besides the 2 that were already charged. I was thinking about writing a poem too. You and I must have been in sync.

    • I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. I feel sick inside. That poor girl. I can’t imagine waking up one morning to discover I’d been raped, violated, urinated on, and carried unconscious to party after party like an inanimate object, a party favor, a piece of trash. And to discover dozens of people posted jokes, photos, videos, of it. If the other people cant get charged for helping a crime or obstruction of justice, everyone who took photos and videos if they can be dug up, which they can with proper investigation, should be charged with child pornography. She is underage. I hope some kind of justice is seen. This is a retchid crime against one person by many, and a violation against all women, especially young women. We live in a patriachal culture that breeds the sense of females being less than people, and a culture with a bystander effect growing at a hazardous rate. If others stand and watch, many will follow. I mourned for womanhood, for humanity.

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