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Saturday Night Crazy


I’m sharing a secret. Wanna know
how to stop the burn when chopping onions?
Bite down on a slice of bread.
Don’t just stick it in your mouth,
fold a piece half-way and chop down and
let it hang out at the sides.
You may drool but
you will not burn or cry and
your eyes will thank you.
It sounds weird and crazy but it’s true I promise-
Merry Christmas and happy birthday
to anyone else who uses their stove.
If you only know the tastes of cold, packaged stuff
from the freezer old food from your roommate’s parents or
delicacies that require a drive-through,
this does you no good and I am not sorry.
You’re missing out not only on fun for your mouth but
also on the silly that fills you from feeling like you’re five
conducting some playground experiment and
being surprised each time you get good results.

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