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Someone keeps stickering
The Education of Little Tree as Social Sciences.
It is not. It is fictional
false it belongs in Young Adult
with the other made-up stories.
It doesn’t deserve the glory
of living in Native American studies.
The one who wrote it, he was racist
a member of the klan.
Tell me please how that white man
can understand being Indian?
I’d sooner see Sherman Alexie shelved
there with the truth and while we’re at it
let’s put Zane in African-American History
right beside The Mis-education of the Negro.
Carter Woodson would roll over in his grave
to know more black folks have read Sista Souljah
than have heard his name.
It’s a shame to have to sell people trash to pay the bills
smile hold back walk past what’s real
and not fiercely school the coworker who thought
Jim Crow was a person.

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