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Reading Glasses 4.00


Tonight finally feels like autumn.
The planet is confused.
Like a pregnant woman raped and misused
ready to birth a child full of scars
it doesn’t show the stars that make it bright.

All the lights went out before me as I drove home after work and
Cooper/30/Collins was like the worst kind of movie-
those scary ones so real they make you feel
more than is seen they make your heart beat fast
shadows dance creep into your dreams.

Today has been eerie in more than one way.
I finally saw the seamstress once twice thrice down the stairs,
brown dress flaring wide as she rushed outside my vision.
I saw her while I slept after he told me the story of
a woman so sad she had to turn to a rope
give up all hope of being happy.

Skeptics will say it’s just a big joke-
there’s no such thing as ghosts
the world’s not going to end.
The thing that’s happening outside
the swaying lights the screaming wind
is just Nature telling us she still exists.
Those who have never known love will say it’s just chemicals
mixed with instinct that make us want to fuck.
They haven’t given up everything to be with someone else or
felt the way it feels to be touched like a flower.
They don’t know the power of the unseen
trust things that aren’t linked to science
are defiant confronted with the unquantified.

God is patient and God is kind and no God envies
those minds who worship Darwin.
You get life after life unlimited time
even after Y2K even after
the Mayans say we’re done
even after the sun explodes into supernova beauty-
it’s just the beginning of another chance to see.

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