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Sandy Hook


Sometimes I want to die.
When I listen to the news and hear that
some psycho shot up an elementary school
I literally want to die.
Despite all those I love and way the sky makes me stop
it’s not right I do not want to be here
in this world in this place where people massacre children.
I know these terrible things happen in other countries:
women are raped as acts of war and
children are conscripted to do the killing,
but this so near
a possible fate
I cannot imagine losing a child to the song of a gun.
I would break. I ache now for those men and women
who are going home tonight to
quiet quiet houses and no cartoons after dinner.
My heart hurts I don’t want to work
I don’t want to smile and serve pizza and
tolerate the lonely guys who just go there to flirt.

I only want to cry.


  1. This one was really bad. I feel your hurt. My piece for tomorrow is about this, too. I finished it a while ago, but I will let it simmer overnight just in case I feel the need to change. Be good.

  2. I held my daughter for what seems like forever tonight, thinking, it could have been her at school today, it could have been her broken lifeless body.. Her beautiful spirit gone forever. My heart breaks for the parents of the lost.

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