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I cannot believe
how many women I know
who have never showered with a man.
I especially don’t understand the old ones,
who have been happily married forever but
still haven’t tasted soap mixed with sweat or
read the stories of dripping angles and curves.

It’s only natural to be wet together.
Animals do it. We are animals.
Eat, sleep, fuck. Bathe eachother

with eager tongues lips across skin
and fur check behind the ears
lap up all the dirt
make body into shirt and clothe him well.

There is intimacy in walking into the rain of a bathtub
just big enough to fit Heaven in a corner.
God watches and likes the live art
of his creatures making eachother clean
before and after and in-between that other thing they do.
He doesn’t care that his robes gather bits of brown
flecks of dead skin that litter the water
like autumn leaves on a river.

God doesn’t mind love at all, of any kind-
even when others call it dirty.
Be unafraid be brave pull back the curtain step in
to see the smile because you didn’t stay behind.

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