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The Best Mail

My friends paint me make me find me cats.
I have good friends and have grown a good collection.


When I was young
and had an unfinished body that hid in men’s jeans
I met a girl with galaxy eyes.
Seriously, the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever never seen and
she doesn’t believe me when I say it.

This sounds like a love poem because that it what it is.

This is the result of thirteen birthdays with a sister of the soul
cameras stalking hallways
visits to cold places where houses speak and groan
even during the day.

Remember walking to Kmart just to play with the toys
and dress in silly clothes? Be so bold
we’d ask the clerk to take our picture.

You taught me how to laugh, really
laugh. Evil stepdad escape, you
were the best medicine for a breaking mind
beaten by monster bigger than angst and meaner than rabid dogs.

You were my light.
Through the men fickle friends weeks months
when I stop existing, you never stop existing.
You will always be my light.

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