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Swimming Lessons


It’s funny how you don’t know the meaning of a dream
until 11am at a computer in Excel.
Suddenly, everything is clear and
the well that provided the morning’s plethora of tears
is as dry as the worm who couldn’t quite cross the sidewalk.
Talktalktalksmile, yes, right this way!
And those words you say echo the ones whispered in your ear-
Yes, it’s right, this way…
Like a spell cast into the marrow of the bones
so strong
it kills
fear of the unknown and
makes failure just a piece of a fairy tale.
The current is calling.
The water is waiting.
The person needs saving who lives in the mirror and
the Lifeguards just tell her to swim-
Yes, that’s right, that way…
As they watch from a tower we can’t climb until we drown.

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