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Dear Dad

My job puts out a regular newsletter of employee submissions. This wasn’t accepted because it isn’t all flowers and rainbows. “Delete Censorship” my ass…


I missed it.
I showed up
right when you asked him why he had to be a dick.

Too quick to speak and too slow to think,
I can’t help but wonder why you’re here.
Did you fear to traverse the lines at Walmart,
wanted to save the extra two dollars
on Maxim or GQ or Sports Illustrated?

Sunglasses on inside full of pride
for your too-loud voice-
I’m sure your four-year-old could hear you call him a dick
just fine
without your yelling.

And the worst part is that your kid took it so gracefully:
constant flow of silent tears and
hands in perfect fists at his eyes-
he could have been a Magnum photograph,
Pulitzer Prize-winning piece.

And I,
the stranger in the background watching the police
commit some crime,
quiet like still nights in war.

I wanted to take off my nametag and
throw down my keys and
be the knight in shining armour
from the books you don’t read
to him-
but that would have been crossing a line.

I should have at least given him a tissue while I gave you my glower.
Too frozen by shock and disbelief-
you’d think I’d be desensitized by now
to the lack of parenting and the tantrums of brats-
but this was not that.

This was a boot tromping ’round on a flower,
cat playing with food and man with power.
Man likes to play games.

Mr. Backwardsbaseballcap,
jersey-wearing, Father of the Year,
took the rainbow from more than one day.

You’re why I hate baseball.
I hope your dear Rangers lose
every time


  1. You are undoubtedly right about why they didn’t publish it, but that isn’t really censorship. One doesn’t bring caviar to the potluck, dear. You should shoot a little higher than a newsletter.

  2. Never thought of it like that, thanks 🙂 Well… since The Mutt won’t have me, perhaps WordPress will lead the way to the party with escargot and crème brûlée.

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