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Habits and Herbert


Habits can be changed
move like water.
A body will gladly shift around sleep for a good enough reason,
commit treason against its own clock and
ignore stimuli that make strong demands.
Certain parts understand that certain spaces in time
shouldn’t be confined by numbers or stars,
bankers or business or
neighbors mowing their yards
in the music of morning.
As Emperor God of Dune
I’d choose not to choose
and just take lots of the spice to make my nights and days more.
I’d implore the people of Arrakis to live by Golden Rules
to bring about the return of the seas.
Without legs or feet
I’d swim through the sand remember blue of past lives
too far away to touch.
If only melange could extend life in reverse…
I’d go back in time to save a desert earth
from too-busy days filled by schedules and meetings,
metal, mental beatings,
not enough play the soul.
As a creature of peace I would kill every clock.


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