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Mornings Off


My neighbor across the way is growing the Amazon.                          
He is watering his rainforest and                                                               
the high of 105-degree air looks like                                                              
it was found by winter’s kiss in the sunshine.                                  
He’s painting a picture of what angels’ breath looks like                        
when they fly through the trees and exhale in exasperation,                         
tired wings heavy with sweat from the heat.                                                              
Still, they rise,                                                                                               
not abandoning aspirations of taking a break from worldly work                 
to find a seat on some cloud shaped like a chair.                                      
My cats like to watch them from our yoga mat bed                                   
that has a perfect view of green                                                           
outside of glass, sliding doors.                                                                 
The third floor hike is worth the climb to catch moments like these-             
pieces of time shared only with the smell of boiling jasmine tea and           
a vibrating phone far away.

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